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Thread: 4.2e downgrade to 4.1e

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    4.2e downgrade to 4.1e

    Hi is there any way I can downgrade from 4.2e to 4.1e I have the flatmod chip and I used to be able to play backup games before my wii accidentally updated to 4.2e.

    My wii games now only play a short time then spits out the game and shows error.


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    its not safe to downgrade from 4.2, u might just brick it in the process.

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    Most people on here will tell you not to but I have done it with no problems.
    Here are the files I used,you will need Homebrew Channel

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    These files where from a reputable modding source so I took the chance.

    Make sure you load the ios64 file first before the system menu 4.1E (450)
    or you could brick.

    Its a chance but your choice.


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    Yeah, load ios64 and brick in the progress. And if you follow hi advice and downgrade, then ask him why you got bricked. Or try one of the hacking for 4.2 guides we have. Thread closed.


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