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Thread: Taiyo Yudens giving DREs

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    Taiyo Yudens giving DREs

    I have authentic TYs (by looking at laser inscription/ high quality of the burns using dvdinfopro) but every now and again I get "cannot read disc" errors when running them on my wii. I have burned at 4x 6x and 8x. 4x gives very low quality ratings so i havent even tried them. The sonys I have which have lower quality ratings work flawlessly. Whats going on here? Should I stick with sonys as I am getting quality ratings between 90-95% or is that weakening the laser? Should I try verbatims but I am assuming that discs are still produced by TY. Thanks

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    please someone helpppppp, why are TYs giving DREs and sonys not?????


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