If you continue to have priiloader starting at boot even if you choose to start with other thigs (ex. System Menu) it is dued to a bug of the latest official priiloader version. To avoid it use this beta:

2shared - download Installer.dol

it worked great for me.


Before installing uLoader you need to install IOS202, IOS222 and IOS223 in order to use USB (at least the guide I followed tell this). After that IOS installation I had a strange problem: when I turn on the wii console, after making the ususal DVD noise, it automatically turn off again. I must turn it on a second time in order to start it: this thing happen EVERY TIME I turn off and on the wii... very boring !!!

I don't know if it is a priiloader bug or an IOS bug but to solve this I had to reinstall the priiloader beta mentioned above and the problem disappears.