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Thread: 4.2 softmod on a 4.1 wii

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    4.2 softmod on a 4.1 wii


    I started out softmodding my wii.
    Since I was sure to have a 4.2 version I started out using that guide.
    I completed step A of the guide succesfully (even did a backup of the nand).
    But now I have discovered to have a 4.1e version of firmware.

    I installed homebrew, dvdx and bootmii using the files of the 4.2 guide.

    Can I just continue with the 4.1 guide?


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    you should be fine, u need HBC..etc for 4.1 anyways so just continue on 4.1.

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    indeed, found it out myself
    but thx anyway

    I retried first by uninstalling everything and retrying with everything from 4.1 guide
    but for some reason the sd card doesn't want to load

    when i reformat and load the 4.2 data on it, then it works and I can install everything again

    anyhow, how strange it is, I got everything to work thx to the 4.1 guide



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