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Thread: Correcting game titles and names

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    Ca Correcting game titles and names

    I'm using the latest version of USBLoader GX. I have over 400+ games on my usb drive. They all work properly however many of them are misnamed, or are spelled all in CAPS.

    Is there a file I can download and add to my SD card that will correct all the game titles?

    I've tried turning on "titles from WiiTDB" in the gui options with no success. I've tried downloading titles.txt and put it in the "config" folder on my SD card also with no success. Am I possibly doing this wrong? Is there a proper link to the right files anyone can provide?


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    I've just edited them manually in the left window. Seems to work but I don't have as many as 400 games on my drive. I like to add NTSC to any non-PAL games I have so I know to muck about with video settings.

    Are there even 400 decent Wii games? Or are you just adding games to increase the size of your %$&^
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    hey mate ive had this problem with some games coming up with stupid titles and i use wbfs manager and in the left window on the game you want to change just right click and rename it to whatever ya want ive done this to a few and had no problems

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    You can change the name quite easy.

    Choose your game and press to view the spinning CD, click on the name above the CD and it takes you to an editing keyboard.

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    I did the exact same thing as Destructor said, edited mine with WBFS Manager

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    OK. Thanks guys.

    I know general naming can be done very easily in WBFS as that is how Ive done it before. It's just with about 400 games (some of them suck quite badly) that can take quite some time. Batch renaming would be a great feature.

    Yes, I make the very most of my favorite torrent sites.

    I just figured with a database like WiiTDB that we use to download a master set of covers and discs could do the same for titles. It sucks when you think you have a game but can't find it.



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