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Thread: Hiello from indobrother

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    Cool Hiello from indobrother

    Hi guys at wiihacks.

    I just jioned a few days ago and i found heaps of tut and helpful tips here. I was checking a few forum and decide to jion this one as it allows me to check info as guest. Its great as other forum make you sign up before viewing any thread.

    Anyway im in Australia. I have a D2C2 wii with D2pro9 installed.

    I like music (preety much open to any genre), mostly rnb and mainstream. I play mostly casual games as i dont have much time for those long rpg like i use to. Would love to play those again. Addicted to SSBB at the moment. As it was just released here in OZ.

    Well, looking foward to contributing to this awesome forum.

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    Hey man

    Nice to have you here. I'm sure you'll have a fun time learning about the Wii as I do.

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    You from Australia! That's awesome! Seens like an very fun place to go visit!

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    Yes it is a fun place. Ur in Florida. How is it over there. Might head up to the states next year. Visit a Relative. Really wanna go Disneyland.. Hav u been there? Is it as good as people say. Anyway, Great forum with great member. Keep the commuinity alive.
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    Yeah! In Florida, Orlando.. It's nice here.. busy city.. always full of turists..
    Disney isnt bad.. it's fun for all ages.. Yes, I have been there zillion times.. I used
    to work there too.. So I had my way in always hahaha.. Yeah I have fun at this forum too.
    Great to have a new member everyday!

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    heyy welcome aboard !


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