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Thread: Guitar Hero 5 problems with SDHC & DLC

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    [SOLVED] Guitar Hero 5 problems with SDHC & DLC

    I am having a problem playing Guitar Hero 5. I can play the game just fine either using the retail disk or a USB Loader. My problem is playing the downloaded content. I have read EVERY guide on this website for this game, and I have tried every tutorial and suggestion and I cannot find a solution. I installed the DLC hacks (found here for the game and they work fine as well. All songs show up as purchased. When I am playing the game from the retail disk, every time I try to download a song I get error 204036 (which it says is a problem with the store) I tried installing ios56, but that didnt solve my problem. So I gave up on playing the disc from the system menu. I tried following the disk guide (found here and loaded the game using Softchip. This solved my error 204036 problem. But now when I try to play one of the downloaded songs, I get an error message saying the song is out of date. I tried to find a solution to that problem but couldnt find one. So next I tried to load the game using Uloader. I installed Hermes cios222, and tried loading the game using ios 222, and 223. I got it to work with Ios 223. It let me download the songs no problem, and even let me play them. But now my problem is when I download a song it saves it to both my SD card and my Wii system memory. I dont have many blocks in my system memory so I could only download about 10 songs. If I delete them from just the wii (not the SD card) after I download them, they completely disappear from my playable track list. Also When I play the game using either Softchip or Uloader the game wont recognize my 8GB SDHC card. It will recognize my 2GB Sd card just fine, but not the 8GB SDHC. I am really starting to get frustrated with this game. If anyone can tell me a way to play the game and be able to download and play the songs, using the hacks, I would be extremely grateful. I am getting ready to pull my hair out I am getting so frustrated. PLEASE HELP!!!!!
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    Did you solve the issue with it not recognizing the 8GB sdhc? I have the same issue.



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