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Thread: Guide to 4.2 Hacking - bootmis as ios questions on priiloader.

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    Ca Guide to 4.2 Hacking - bootmis as ios questions on priiloader.

    -Find IOS70-64-v6687 [Patched][FreeTheBug].wad and press A

    What if it doesn't ask you to press A

    -Once you are 10000% sure it says , press A to install the file.
    -Once it's done, press Home to return to HBC.
    -Now you can breath.

    Breath - I'm nervous about this part

    PS -- I got the message "System Files are Corrupted" error message

    but still rocking fine

    unplugged and rebooted right away (might have been from a bad wad - uninstalled all wads- except those from Messies Guide to 4.2 Hacking)

    kinda nervous now - a little help please.

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    If you get the 'system files corrupted' screen don't panic, just reinstall preloader and if that doesn't fix it reinstall your current system menu with Wad Manager.
    its not really hard to find the answers u need if u atleast try, it was most likely the ios70 cuz its the system menu for 4.2 which is needed for priiloader.(never uninstal that wad)
    so if u were installing priiloader just reinstal it.
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