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Thread: DMS and D2PRO9 5 wire problem

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    DMS and D2PRO9 5 wire problem

    Hey modding a second Wii and am having a problem, im using the older d2pro9 chip on a DMS board and with 5 wires connected the Wii boots but the drive does nothing, red light on the chip stays lit. Same after removing the 3v3 wire from the board (red stays lit on this too). Then moving on to removing the ground wire from the board it boots up and reads disks. I am at a loss, my previous d2c2 install was flawless and I have no idea where to move, any help?

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    I have the same exact problem with my d2pro9 on a DMS chipset. My dvd drive doesn't do anything, won't accept a disc and the red LED stays lit up.

    The solution I was given was to use the D2prog to update the firmware to 1.1b and then it should work. I didn't order a V2 chip and I'm guessing you did the same thing.

    You can tell the version by looking at the back of the D2pro9 and seeing if there's a green sticker on the back.

    Ordered the programmer on the 27th and still waiting for it. Hopefully have it tomorrow...

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    yea this is a V1 chip, my D2C2 was obviously a V2 chip, cool, let me know if that works for you, if so I may have to spring for the programmer.

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    bump for further assistance

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    i dont think it has to do with the firmware, but i could be wrong. I think its you installation best bet is to put up a picture of you install and have the pros look at it.

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    still waiting on my programmer to come.. =\

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    Hi there, sorry to jump in on your thread but i am having exactley the same issue with my wii, i have the D2B chipset and the D2pro9 V2 modchip but i am experiencing everything that you have listed, no dvd drive at all untill i remove the chip ???

    Any ideas



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    Finally got my programmer yesterday.

    I updated my d2pro to 1.1b and it worked instantly for all my back-ups and the 1.4 config disc.

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    Well done viper, I'm glad uve got it sorted, 1 question, do u have the v1 chip, as Im sure I have the v2 chip but it sounds like I'm having the same issues u had


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