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Thread: I got a brick

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    I got a brick

    Okay, I had a 3.1u Wii that I was diligently following the guidelines except for the fact I got lost/was unable to make a NAND backup. I was in Neogamma and trying to load a game from a backup an error so I rebooted my Wii. After reboot I have 3 vertical pink bars with 2 gray lines in the middle.......I can here the main menu music but have no video display discernable to do anything. Am I screwed, pls help.

    :edit: Tried the unbrick method of loading those files onto the root of my SD card, but the screen comes up with 3 large pinks bars right away.
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    If you do backup and format your sd-card with this tool.
    Download and extract to sd:\
    copy sd:\ntsc\settings.txt to sd:\
    Plug gc-controller into port #1
    Boot the wii, if you have bootmii installed it should load. Hopefully you can see the screen. If you can't do the following

    (part A)
    Firmly push A
    Wait 5 seconds
    Firmly push Left on the D-pad
    Wait 5 seconds
    Firmly push A
    Wait 5 seconds
    Firmly push Left on the D-pad
    Wait 5 seconds
    Firmly push A
    Wait 5 seconds
    Firmly push B

    That should fix it. Try try try again.

    If you don't have bootmii boot2, try with preloader

    (do this for preloader)
    If not try with preloader-if you have it- delete bootmii folder and startup.elf
    Hold Reset
    Boot wii while holding reset
    Hold reset for 15 seconds
    On the d-pad, firmly push down 3 times
    Firmly push A
    Wait 5 second
    Firmly push Z
    Wait 15 seconds
    (go to part A)
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    Thanx for the info Maulfrog, but I won't have to do that. I left the Wii unplugged last night and this morning it seems to be working again. I am thinking I accidentally clicked the backup DVD in the disc channel window when all this happened.


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