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Thread: playing games with wode

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    Us playing games with wode

    I recently preordered a wode and have a question bout playing games. I know, due to newer drive, that I can't play burnt games even with wode. I plan on using an external hard drive to put games on. My question is can someone tell me how to download games and put them on external drive from home pc. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Just so you know the original intended purpose of the WODE wasn't so you could pirate games, it was designed so you could "backup" your "original" games and so no help will be provided by me for that purpose.

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    Us backups

    Ok so if I were to make backups of original games how do you get them onto an external hard drive. In your opinion is this the way to go or purchase a premodded drive and replace entire drive in newer wii. If premodded drive is better way to go which chip would you advise? Thanks

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    Well if your Wiis soft modded then via USB Loader but once the WODEs ripping firmware is ready you'll be able to use that instead.

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    Since wode supports NTFS & fat32, that means you can format the drive with windows, drag & drop them onto the drive, and wode will read it.

    You'd still want some of the space to be "wbfs", which is the partition type usb loader uses. WBFS Manager 3.x is used to create it on Windows, as well as transfer iso's you've "ripped from your home collection". From what I've heard, you won't be able to rip via Wii to NTFS, just WBFS (and 1 other IIRC).

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    Thanks for the info. I'm still confused about the whole thing, but thats due to lack of knowledge.


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