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Thread: possible to install homebrew apps as WADs?

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    possible to install homebrew apps as WADs?

    is it possible to install homebrew apps (for example, guitars on fire) as channels on my wii?

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    It is possible to make them into channels yourself.

    Look up WADder and find out how to do it.

    If you have any questions just ask

    Its really easy.

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    I've tried creating an app out of the DVD dumper but with a different logo, banner, and icon. I've followed the tutorial on this site (using the right dimensions and and png format) but everytime I try to replace the tpl with the png the conversion from png to tpl freezes up WADer and gives me an error screen. Has anyone else had these problems? I have a feeling it might be a problem with the quality of png, but I am not too certain. I am using WADer for Mac and Photoshop for the pictures.

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    how long does wadder take to make the wads? its taking me an awfully long time. also, i dont know if its just because i exit, but when i do, an error pops up. when i close the command, it says one file copied, and i do have a WAD, but is it safe to use? when i install it will i be bricked?


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