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    Emulator help

    I had a couple questions now i have the FCE Ultra GX on my sd card and have some back up roms on there. I have notice seeing some you tube videos out there that some ppl have it on there wii menu and don't have to open there homebrew channel to get to it is there a guide how to do this or can some one please help me. Also i can't seem to save games i have the the FCE Ultra GX folder in my apps i open that and then have a rom folder which i put all my back up roms in and then i made a folder that i named saves but can't seem to save anything to it. I dont know if i have to name it different or put it in a different folder then the FCE Ultra GX folder can someone please help me.
    Thanks in Advance

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    I honestly dont remember how to save games either. I know you dont need to create a folder for saves because a folder will be created when you make your first save. I dont play emulators long enough to want to save my games. Anyways to get emulators as channels, you have to install them as a channel, though they do take up a nice amount of the wiis memory. You can also install it as a channel but have a dol forwarder in it. It would still be on your wii menu but it wont have the actual emulator in the channel. You would still keep the emulator files and roms on your sd card and once you load the channel on the wii menu, it automatically loads the emulator off your sd card. Saves alot of wii memory that way. The only thing that sucks is that I got all my channels off which just got back online BUT all their attachment files and downloads are gone.
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    Yea i dont want to take up memory on my wii so maybe i'll just leave it on my sd card but if anyone knows how to save your game please help
    Thanks in advance

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    There are a few nice forwarders for most of the emulators here: TroyTheZombie's Animated Channel Wads
    These only take about 10-15 blocks of memory, about the size of an average game save.

    In your emulator settings there's an option to change the folder location for your saves. Point this to whatever folder you want to use and from a game select Save Snapshot. This should get you rolling, but if not post back and someone will come along with an idea or two.
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