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Thread: USB Loader vertical hold problem

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    Question USB Loader vertical hold problem

    I'm having a problem trying to load some games from a USB HDD. I've tried both Neogamma and USB Loader GX.

    With some games, it seems to load fine, but there is what appears to be a "vertical hold" problem; the screen is scrolling vertically. I can hear the game sounds though.

    Has anyone else seen this and have a solution?? I've searched all over the web and can't find an answer.

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    This happens to me and I just did a post on it. Can someone please find out what causes this and how to fix it??

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    Just thought i'd ask, are you playing games of a different region? could be showing the video incorrectly and need to force your region in the settings

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    In my situation, I was forcing PAL for PAL Games but my console is NTSC

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