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Thread: A Twilight Hack Idea

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    A Twilight Hack Idea

    I had an idea for twilight hack! People have complained about the Wii not having enough room for Wii Ware (I know mine doesn't!). I'm not experienced with code, nor do I know if this is possible, but I thought it would be cool if some one made it possible for the Wii to support USB Hard Drives! Please notify me if someone starts work on this or if it is even possible. Thanks.

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    that is old news they do have some apps that use usb tumb drives but not to what you are think like store wad files on etc they dont have that nindento will probley make that in the future

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    Oh. Okay. It looks like my quest to find a forum to discuss hacks so this could be done has been fruitless.


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