I purchased my chip from an autorized retailer of DriveKey (foundmy.com) and i sent them an email about exchanging my 0ohm drivekey for the newest one thats yellow sticker NSMB compliant. I dident think they would let me do it, but i think they are going to be cool and let me, here is the e-mails that i have communicated to them so far, it looks promising, ill post about how it goes and maby some ppl can get their "dealer" to do the same for them, it may cost a bit for shipping, but would be worth it if i dident have to spend $10+ on a jtag programmer, shipping would be minimal, less than $5 total probably.

E-MAIL JUST SENT TO THEM: (i deleted some stuff to hide my id, lol)
i copied and pasted my info directly from the foundmy.com site under
my order history. thanks for your prompt reply to my original message and i
look forward to your reply.
what is your order #?
> and well we can do that. typically we dont, but we can. since the mfg
> stated they will have a jtag programmer kit coming out soon for the white
> sticker version.
Hello, I was wanting to know if their was any way to return the drive key
>> i purchased a little over a month ago and somehow exchange it for the new
>> one that is updated for NSMB, paying a little extra and shipping it is no
>> problem if its possible, just quote me a price or something, thanks in
>> advance for your response.