Simple query i guess, i'm just curious concerning the 4.2 wii update.

I've already read the excellent guide at and i thought nothing more of 4.2, but then i read StartPatch 4.2.5 Release Region Free addon for 4.2 - and i started considering it again.

If i were not to install waninkoko's safe 4.2 patch on a wii, then a store bought game was played on it, would it not update my 3.1 wii to a 4.2 and block all my CIOS' and my CFG Loader?

Using CFG loader, what are the issues with using the safe updater to take it to 4.2? Messie explained in his guide how i will lose the ability to load via USB, but a friend of mine has used the 4.2 safe updater and his wii still uses CFG loader perfectly.

Basically, i'm incredibly confused!

If someone could at least explain everything in one go, straighten everything out, I, and maybe some others, will be incredibly thankful.