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    Freeze up

    HI Guys, I have got my backup copy CD of my of Big Brain Academy.

    When I first inserted it was askingme to perform system update. Then after it was all done, it went to reboot and I can see that the game CD is in. Then I can select the game from the channel area. THe when I selected he game and started the game, the screen just gone blank (freezed up). I can not reset and can not turn off my wii console.

    If I unplugged the power, then I can start using my other games. other games are ok.

    Is my Wii semi-bricked?


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    First never update from a copied disc. The game could be meant for Europe or Japan and so are the updates. If you semi bricked your Wii you wil have duplicate weather channels. When the screen goes black try holding the power button down on thew Wii for 5-10 sec.
    Use WIU 1.1 WIU 1.1 to remove updates and change the region to North America (if thats where you are) in the .iso you download.

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    What program do I use to clear the semibricked wii?

    I have duplicate whether channels but I can still play games.


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    1. Goto NTSC Semi-brick fix disc and download the ntsc Semi bricked Wii fix and burn it to cd. IF YOU ARE IN NORTH AMERICA ONLY!!

    2. Use Wii_Channel_Remover_v2 to remove the duplicate channels
    Wii_Channel_Remover_v2 you can burn it to cd or use the Twilight hack to load it. Just use the right one.
    USA=North America

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    Thanks for the reply. I have burned all those files into DVD-R Verbatim (with 1 to 4 x speed) but still not able to get them going. everytime, I put the DVDdisk in, it came up with messsage "thesystem file is corrupted, please refer to user manual...."

    Not sure what I did wrong. I burn the ISO PAL as I'm in Australia. version 3.3 of the Wii System Menu

    Please help.

    I still have double wether and News channels
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    I hope you didn't use the NTSC link because it wont work for your Wii.
    Use the PAL Semi brick fix PAL semi brick fix or if you have a store bought game run those and they could update your Wii with the right firmware. It should only be a .iso and use image burn to burn it
    Where did you get your PAL iso fix?

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    alright melisa what you have is a semi brick wii and since you have 3.3 the semi brick disk will not work because it trucha signed and 3.3 disables that. Since you are still able to play original and a few of your old backups you can give this a shot. The only way to run signed disk are to use GeckoOs you will need the homebrew channel/ twilight hack. i am assuming you know how to do this? running the semi brick risk is very dangorous becaue it can brick you wii for good. maybe i misread but what is your wii's region are you in north amercia, japan or europe. This all depends because you HAVE to use the semi brick disk from the same region as your wii. example north amercia wii + north amercia semi brick disk = 100% working wii, but north amercia wii + europe semi disk = FULL BRICK. The other option you have is to wait for a update from nintendo and this will fix your problem. REMEMBER TO CHECK THE REGION OF THE WII GAMES BEFORE YOU BURN ND NEVER UPDATE A WII WITH A DIFFERENT REGION GAME.
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