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Thread: Wii Key Clip Kit? (:

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    Exclamation Wii Key Clip Kit? (:

    Hey All!
    Im Looking To Chip My Wii, I Want To Do It Myself So Im Going For A SolderLess One, After Looking Around I Found This -
    The Key Clip Kit, It Says The Wii Key Is Inside..
    As I Have Never Heard Of This Chip Before I Would REALLY Appriciate It If Y'all Give Me A bit Of Info On This Chip
    Does It Work?
    Is It Dangerous?
    Also I Heard You Need To Get Software To Get It To Work...
    Where Can I Get this, And How Do i Get It On To Disc, A what Disc Do i Use?
    Sory To Be A pain, Im A Noob And Dont Want To Do Anywith That Will Damage My Wii.

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    Do you even know what kind of Wii you have? The newer ones need the D2Pro9 v2.

    Look at the stickys and search.

    I modded my first wii last week without making any posts asking. Just reading.

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    wii-clip info Yes there is a risk of damaging your Wii. Not traceable by Nintendo. The only software is the firmware on the modchip (updatable by dvd) the burning software and the brickblocker and region frii software.
    Read on faq-guides-tutorials/


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