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Thread: HBC Wont Upgrade

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    HBC Wont Upgrade

    I have followed the guide below and my hbc wont upgrade to 1.0.6 it just kicks me back to the hackmii installer. I have installed bootmii as boot2 any ideas.

    Thanks Matt

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    So you already have HBC installed?

    Run hackmii installer as an application through HBC itself and see if it helps.
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    remove it and reinstall home brew using one of these two guides, only use the guide that your wii sysatem menu version falls into, check your menu version by selecting the word WII in the circle on the lower left then click settings, it will be in the upper right hand corner

    guides :

    3.1 to 4.1 :

    4.2 :

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    Tealc how do i do what your suggesting? Yeah hbc is installed i followed to the exact guide as stated by dogeggs everything is working apart from the hbc update. Is there a wad file i can put on the sd card and load from wad manager?

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    I have read the following in the txt file from the hbc installer software.Does this mean i put the boot.elf file in the apps/update folder. If so how do i actually get it to update the hbc. The bit im interested in is in bold.

    If you have previously installed The Homebrew Channel, you can update it. If
    this is the first time you are installing it, see below for Installation
    Instructions. The easiest way to update is using the built-in Online Update
    functionality. Simply configure the WiFi network settings for your Wii for
    proper Internet connectivity, and boot up the channel. If the connection is
    established, you'll see an opaque white (not semitransparent) world icon
    in the lower right corner, and an update prompt will automatically appear.
    Accept it to begin downloading the update. If you cannot or do not want to
    connect your Wii to the Internet, simply run the boot.dol file using any
    homebrew booting method. For example, you can upload it using wiiload or
    you can make a directory inside /apps (for example, /apps/Update) and copy
    boot.dol there. Then, simply run it from the previous version of the channel.

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    Close the thread please guys. Not sure which one fixed it but i have now upgraded to hbc 1.0.6 i loaded ios36-64-v1042 and removed my usb hdd

    One thing i have stumbled accross by mistake is in the hbc pressing number 2 on the wii remote puts the wii apps into a better view accross the screen instead of lots of pages. This reverts back to normal after an app has been run. Can the hbc have this set as perminant layout?


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