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Thread: Need advice on a new laptop

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    Need advice on a new laptop

    Considering to buy a new laptop with decent graphics (Not high-end maxed crysis graphics, but still enough to run games like oblivion somewhat maxed.)

    Currently I'm stuck with the option to buy a HP Pavilion dv6 with an ATI Mobility radeon HD4650 (with regular) DDR3 (1 gig dedicated, 2.3gig shared). Anyone got any experience with regular DDR3-memory in graphics, and speed compared to the GDDR-ones? The computer is relatively cheap too, so i guess the responces here will play a big role in making up my mind. Since W7 comes bundeled i guess the graphics card will be able to chew up most of the shared ram it needs in some cases (250 mb for W7, thats at least 3.5 GB for game and extra ram) and then maybe putting in another 2 GB later.

    Other specs are:

    - 4 GB ram DDR2.
    - 500GB SATA HDD @ 5400
    - Free upgrade to W7
    - Intel pentium dual core T4200 (~2GHz) 800 MHz FSB and 1 MB cache (Seems a bit small tbh, or will a 1MB cache be enough for games like Lost planet dx10, assassins creed etc? (2007-2008 dx10 games, and some newer ones)
    - 15.6'' WXGA 1366 x 768.

    Seems ok for a laptop, at least here in Norway. (about 950 USD... yeah it is expensive compared to england, USA etc but this is Norway, tax-hell :/ Believe it or not, this is actually a cheap price for that kind of computer)

    ..This became sort of a mess, but anyways :P


    Graphics-card more in detail, the 128-bit bus should be able to perform well even though the DDR3 is slower than GDDR3. At least since this one is listed way over 9600m GT, a well-performing card IMO.

    2nd edit: Thx for moving the thread where it belongs :P

    Found an Acer Aspire 5738ZG(444G50MN) with somewhat the same specs to the same price, although it had a T4400 instead of a T4200 (About a 0.2 GHz increase) but the same cache-size etc, and a 1044MHz speed on the ram, which is DDR3. It also mentions the graphics card (HD4650) but as 1GB DDR3 VRAM, could that be the GDDR (Graphics DDR) and VRAM (VideoRAM)? Geeesh, just like buying audio.. every dealer got a different unit for effect and how to calculate it :<
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    thank you for you advice
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    mmm...interesting info, thanks

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    A quite old thread now, but i went with the acer aspire one All these numbers are in DX10 if possible btw.

    -Crysis on high-vhigh (Particle effects, shader effects etc on v-high, shadows on low) @ 1024x768, 24-26 fps in the benchmark-demo.

    -MW2 45-50 fps all maxed @ native resolution with 4 AA. Multiplayer. MW2 is DX9 though..

    -Lost planet all maxed at 1280x768 (w/o AA) 26-30ish fps, drops to 20 when ALOT is going on (mostly bossfights when stuck right next to the fucker)

    -Bioshock 40ish fps all maxed.

    -BF:BC2 25 fps 1280x768 all max cept AA off and shadows on med. (Multiplayer)

    -TF:2 50-60 fps generally, around 30 in start of assault-matches (Those who play it know why).

    -WoW all max, native resolution. 80 fps in dalaran, 120 fps otherwise.

    -FO3 maxed, native res w/o AA, 30-40 fps in open areas

    -STALKER with float32, parallax occlusion, mblur, full dynamic lighting, native resolution, 30-40 fps, 20-25 with fraps (YouTube - Another random S.T.A.L.K.E.R fraps test)

    ... All in all a perfect low-budget computer with the capabilities of gaming. :P


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