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Thread: still back screen will donate if anyone can solve

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    still back screen will donate if anyone can solve

    sorry guys to put the donate part on but i have been posting and havnt got many replies or any help so maybee this will catch some1's attention.... anyways i have neogamma r8 b15 with cios 28 rev 14 installed and i thought it might had been the game i burned but i d/l'ed anohter game and burned it same problem i can load the game in neogamma gives me the game id then goes to black screen.... but heres the thing if i use the rebooter and turn copy flags off my regular wii disc channel recognizes it and shows the i guess u call it banner for the game in the channel but then it tells me it cant be read either but in the backup loader it keeps giving me black screen no errors or anything like that and kinda new to this whole thing anyone know anything about that cioscorp.. alot of post i read say dont use it..... would that maybee help me load burned games AND REPEAT I AM NOT USING USB LOADER i am using dvd-r everyone keeps giving me guides on usb loading

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    Most of your posts are ignored because you posted them in the Newbie discussion area, which as the name implies is for discussion between Newbies. I certainly don't spend too much time in there dealing with the inane and silly questions posted there.

    Saying you'll donate doesn't absolve you from blame when it comes to your WALL OF TEXT though.

    The fact that you saying you will donate won't make any difference to your chance of getting preferential support? If you actually had already donated and had the graphic to prove it then that woulod be different.

    Invariably people who say they will donate do not donate, despite getting help they promise they'd donate after. I wonder why that is.

    As for your black screen, well that's something very common and most softmod Wii users have come across it, including myself. Do you know what I did? Well, I found this site called Google and used the search box to find my solution. It didn't take long to find my answer and I never had to wave a Donation offer in anyone's face.
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    although I'm still fairly new at this myself, I would assume the reason everyone is telling you to use usb loader is that chances are your problem is either your disk, your burn speed, the software you use to burn or a million other issues that could be caused by your disk. So get a usb key and try to load a game from there and see if it works. If it does, you know the issue is your discs and not the setup.

    i don't know what difference it makes and if you can even use this on all system menus, but from what I understand, you should be using cios38rev14 although that may just be a typo in your post.

    And to much misinformation, you can load backed-up games on dvd-r from usb loader gx as well, like you can load backed-up games from usb with neogamma. So give it a try anyway... like everyone has been suggesting. I did... and that's what I use now.

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    ok well thx for the suggestion on using the usb loader as for the staff guy thx for the reply but i am a man of my word and it if is solved by staff or by other users u will see a nice little donation( i look at it like this i dont have to buy anymore games so then i help you guys with like 50-75$) but i really didnt need the sarcasm of google because if im not mistaken i read on one sticky from the staff that u shouldnt listen to other sites on anything to do with wii...... and im not trying to get flamed here im trying to get HELP.... i did post on the newbie section i am kinda newb to this i didnt know other newbs would try to help me....

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    so what game is it that gives you black screen?
    see this
    What to do if a game is not working

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    ive tried a few titles the one i am working on now is dirt 2 (racing game) but for all of them it does the black screen i have neogamma r8 b15 cios38 rev14 and 4.2u wii but i installed the needed ios files but still no luck

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    is theere a game that is known to work work generally but does not for you? try to reinstall cios38rev14

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    ok i reinstalled cios38 rev14 and still no luck thx for all the replies i appreciate the help you guys are trying to give me but still its just my luck that i get stuck at a spot like this... i installed everything all the way up to the backuploader channel with not the first problem and now this.... ahhhh


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