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Thread: 2 Questions about steps in 4.2 tutorial

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    2 Questions about steps in 4.2 tutorial

    I'll begin by saying Hi to everyone as I'm new in the Wiihacks world !

    And a big "thank you very much" to Messie as his 4.2 tutorial went perfectly for me !!!

    But I still have 2 questions about the softmod I did and I didn't found answers or info about them here :

    In the 4.2 tuto I completed step D3 and stopped after as the only game I have (Super Mario Wii) works fine trought my USBHDD and because I wasn't sure about step D4 ...

    Question 1 : in step D4 : if I run games with USBLoaderGX trought HomebrewChannel I guess I don't have any WADs to install ? Right ?

    Question 2 : about USBLoaderGX : when I backup my Game's DVD trought USBLoaderGX (the + button) do I need to scrub them after (like with WiiUpdateManager) to remove updates or anything else that could brick my Wii ???

    Thank you very much for your great site and your help ... I already recommended it to others !

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    1.there are 3 ways to get USBLoadergx, if u run it from HBC then u dont need to instal anything. should already scrub the backups for u while u move it, (from dvd to hdd) u should not worry about it.

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    1. if you want to run it throgh HBC, then no wads. If you want a channel, then install the forwarder

    2. No need to scrub, it only keeps the game partition

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