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Thread: How to tell if Drivekey is defective

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    How to tell if Drivekey is defective


    I just got my drivekey and after performing the install I was not able to load any games backups or originals, when I remove the chip all is fine again and back in working order..

    Now here is what I encounter when I have the chip in my wii, firstly the light on the chip lights up sometimes and other times it doesn't but in all instances I cannot access the config menu... I am not able to access the config menu instead I just get the eject error (same thing occurs when trying to load any game backup or original)

    I have tried reconnecting it multiple times, checked the dip switched, checked the ribbon cables etc.... is this a defective chip?? my wii works fine without the chip, and you only connect two wires its not like theres much to screw up in the installation process
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    Could be faulty - I had exactly the same problem with mine, returned it, they confirmed it as faulty and sent a replacement which is fine with originals.

    Just trying to burn backups now :-)


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