Hi guys,

i'm about to get the wii modded. I looked at the tutorials and i'm too much of a wimp in modding it myself, so i've found someone who is prepared to do the mod for me.

I know there are two most popular modchips which are drivekey and wasabi

Many swear by the drivekey and then there are also those who say the wasabi is the best and lastly some say forget wasting money on modchip and just go for softmod and this is driving me mad!!

I want to know the difference between the modchips as well as advantages/disadvantages and also why some go for softmod instead and which one method is the most popular/safe.

Lastly just to make sure that this guy doesn't just put in any old modchip in the wiiconsole, what is the latest drivekey modchip version?

thanks for your help