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Thread: Priiloader and IOS 70

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    Question Priiloader and IOS 70

    Ok, I have been doing a lot of reading so that I understand reasonably well what you do when you install these various homebrew programs. This may seem like a total noob question, but here goes.

    I was reading on gbatemp that the new Priiloader uses IOS 70. I am running system menue 4.1 right now, and am not quite sure just how safe it is to jump to 4.2 seeing as how it was only security updates. I have HBC installed, Configurable USB Loader, BOOTMii(as both boot2 and IOS) and cIOScorp installed. If Priiloader does use IOS 70, is it ok to use DOP-IOS to download and install it? Or is it actually safe to go up to 4.2? The only thing that bothers me about that is a few guides I was looking at said to update to Nintendo's 4.2 first, then use the custom system menu hacks.

    Another question is this, since I have switched to using a USB Loader, would it matter at all to update the cIOScorp? Will that update anything that I would use?

    Thanks for your patience.

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    It's not a good idea to up to 4.2. It'll just kill your homebrew. Priiloader works fine on 4.1, just make sure you've installed ios60patched beforehand then you'll be safe to install Priiloader. More info here.
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    The only reason I'm asking is that I'm getting that annoying thing where it will not boot directly to system menu, despite having it set to do so. I mean, when it comes down to it, I can live with that, LOL. Anything on whether or not it's worth while to update my cIOScorp since I don't play games off of discs anymore?

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    Can't say anything about cioscorp as I don't use it. For Priiloader you just need to change off v0.2 as it's bugged to autoboot no matter what. v0.1 works fine and can be downloaded off the google source page, or if you can find them floating around the forum some people here have compiled newer revisions which have the bug fixed.
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    Awesome, thanks Ithian, I owe you one.

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    This is beta, so don't install it if you don't have bootmii boot2
    Priiloader r45

    You could just use preloader.
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    I actually found a bug fix to this here:

    Hope that helps someone who had the same problem I did.

    Thanks again.


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