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Thread: Help with VC and Wiiware hacks

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    Help with VC and Wiiware hacks

    New member here. I needed help with Wii hacking so I found this site on Google and registered.

    There are a few game I want on my Wii, like Conker's bad fur day, Goldeneye, Diddy Kong racing and others. So I need two questions answered please.

    1. Is there a way to convert an N64 file (.z64) to a WAD (.wad) file? And if yes, how? Any special programs?
    2. How do you inject a rom to a wad file?

    So really what I want is games that aren't on the VC.

    Answers would be appreciated.

    Btw, I know all about the Twilight hack and the wad installer so you don't have to explain it to me

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    get HBC and wii64 and then you can play games through the sd card

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    Wii64 can only play some roms and they only play at half speed.

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    I already have the HBC and Wii64. Lol. What I want to know is how I inject wads to any roms, like NES, SNES etc.

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    i think the program is called injectuwad
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