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Thread: Advice on buying a MOD WII from ebay!!

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    Advice on buying a MOD WII from ebay!!

    Ok im thinking of buying a wii from ebay. Theres a few people selling them with lots of games for around 300 pounds but what questions should I ask to get the best stable WII?

    One seller told me his Wii's used Wiikey and claims it is the most reliable mod chip as he didnt need to solder wires which can come loose.His Wii was UK PAL(iam from the uk). Another seller told me that he sells Jap Wii's with DC2 mod chip in that was region free.

    What do I look out for when buying. Im not an expert and I also heard that they can be bricked if updated with a different region disk.

    Basically I want a WII that im not gonna have hassle with and in a few weeks not have to update. Im a bit long in the tooth in trying to figure things out (*at my age!!).
    What is the best Mod wii that will suit my novice needs??(ie best mod chip to ask for)
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    its really up to you but i would stay away from ebay and modded wii's s you never know, plus i have herd people say there used there wii one or twice and when the buyer got it it kept giving laser issues because the laser was bad. I would say your best choise is to go you you local store and buy a brand new one and then get it modded. btw the wii wiikey would need wires soldered and they will not get loose if done right. but there is a solderless option which is the wiiclip. the clip has many isuses and can fall off.


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