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Thread: I cant get ssbb to dump

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    I cant get ssbb to dump

    I have successfully dumped about 5-6 games. Now I am trying to dump ssbb and it saying I have a faulty drive. I have GDR8163B0L23. Any ideas?

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    I just found a link saying i need to use frii dump, not raw dump. I will try to find that. Does anyone have a link to .4 all I can find is .3.
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    I found friidump, but now I dont know how to use it. Are there any tutorials out there. I cant seem to find any.

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    Thank you very much. It is dumping as we speak.

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    Just be aware when using friidump, it will take hours and i mean hours to dump Smash Brawl. Also make sure you get a +R Dual Layer and set Image Burn and go to tools click on Write (tab), options select User specified and type in 2084960 for the layer break and thats it your set to go. The media worked for me Verbatim +R DL @ 2.4x. Good luck. Try to get the one thats made in Singapore or Japan. I seen in other forums that Memorex worked for some people but in the past i had bad luck w/Memorex but whatever media works for you, stick with it. The other media works for me the single layer for my back ups are the Phillips -R (Lightscribe)
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    It took about 7 hours to read. Verbatim + DL is the media I use. Thanks for the layer break info. Much appreciated.


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