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Thread: A Couple More ?'s B4 I mod

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    A Couple More ?'s B4 I mod

    After modding, will my original games still work as they previously did? ie. wii sports resort and wii fit etc??? Will they come in just like before as the first channel?

    Will I be able to save data on the games that I will have on the external HD, such as progress or mii character data etc??

    How much time should I set aside to do this? Cause once I start it, I don't want to stop until I'm totally set up and I pack a pretty tight schedule.

    Will I need my wii connected to the internet at any point during or after the mod, or am I done with that?

    thank you to anyone that takes the time to answer!!

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    1, yes, originals will just play as normal.
    2. yes, games played from any source will save exactly the same way, you can start a game from disc make a save and the save will work if you start it from hdd later.
    3. the time depends on how much modding you are doing and if any mistakes are made along the way, half an hour should do it if you are competant.
    4. I prefer the internet connected route, but if you get all the correct files then you can do it without internet but I presume it would take longer, not done one that way myself.

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