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Thread: Wii Clip & D2CPro

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    Wii Clip & D2CPro

    I purchased a Wii-Clip D2Pro9 presoldered combination and attached it to my D2B with cut legs drive chip since it claims to work.

    The wii boots but the LED's flash red then blue for about 1 second each then nothing, I understand they should be on or at least the red one when reading pressed disks.

    Any help with this would be great


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    Also if this information helps.

    Everynow and then i can turn it on and it will spin up the disc i am then able to eject the disk aswell, other times the disc won't spin and i cant eject until a couple of hard resets have been done.

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    Sorry the chip is a D2Pro9.

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    After much messing about i did get the wii to play pressed discs again for a short while backups would not boot.

    Can anyone help me or point me in the right direction.


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    Try this V4C_D2Pro_9wires if nothing return chip or contact wii clip they might replace and test it for you. wii-clip


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