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Thread: Help using original DVD menus

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    Help using original DVD menus

    Is there a way in mplayer (or anything else - I tried Geexbox) to move the cursor around the DVD menu that appears after the beginning of the DVD. This is the bit where is might say 'Play All' os select a special section, or extras etc.
    I can't seem to find a control that will set a cursor on screen and the buttons I click do nothing or just restart the DVD.

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    Dont believe so, you simply have to use the 'up-down/side ways' key to gain direction & hit the B trigger to remove the menu from screen..

    Hope that helps..

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    I can run the main video, but not if I use the video 'properly'. The issue is that, particularly on music videos, I want to 'jump' to a different section, using the video menu rather than skip through.
    I just can't get the menu to be highlighted.
    It doesn't occur on .avi etc, so thats not the problem. I was trying to avoid having a DVD player.
    Thanks for thinking about it - I did try using B, but maybe have another fiddle around

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