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Thread: Raving Rabbids TV asks for system update

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    Raving Rabbids TV asks for system update

    Hi all, I am a super noob here

    i have a backup game dvd for Raving Rabbids TV, everytime i load the disc it will show "wii system update" on the wii menu where you select the game and it will go to the wii update sequence if i select it. I have system menu 4.1U. I already checked the IOS that this game has and I have it in my system. this appears to be the only game i am having this problem with.
    I already searched the thread, the problems seem to be different from mine.

    Any thoughts on what might be the problem and how to workaround it?


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    I hope you have the Neogramma channel and Bootmii installed. Try to disable Disc updates: when starting your Wii,keep the Reset button until the Bootmii menu appears and at System Menu hacks you can disable it. Save and start the game with neogramma. Hope it works.


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