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Thread: Install Wii Fit Plus Channel from USB Backup

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    Install Wii Fit Plus Channel from USB Backup [SOLVED]

    3 days into this world of Wii hacking. Still learning lots, so bear with me!

    System menu 4.2U, running cIOS38r16, Hermes 222/223. This Wii is an older Wii (bought new maybe 1.5 years ago, don't know the serial number, and I'm in bed right now) and was VIRGIN at 4.2U. I did my first softmodding of it just a few days ago using the bannerbomb exploit. I have bootmii installed as boot2.

    I am launching Wii Fit Plus from USB, and I want to install the Wii Fit Plus Channel into the system menu. I also saw some posts that people made about this making it impossible to get into their system menu (their problems were resolved, but I don't think they were able to keep the channel; I also think they were running on older system menu versions)

    When I press the button to install the channel, it exits the game and just returns to the main system menu; no channel is installed.

    So first question: Has anyone been able to install the Wii Fit Plus channel successfully, either from USB, a backup disk, or otherwise? Is there any way I can just get a WAD for it and install it manually?

    I read somewhere that Wiiscrubber can extract WADs from ISOs. Can I use this method to extract the WAD for the channel and install it using the WAD manager?
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    Id be interested in the answer to this too as Id also like to install the wii fit plus channel wad...

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    Okay I got this to work using the following steps.

    1. Get WiiScrubber 1.4.
      I found it here: WiiScrubber 1.4 Multiboot. I won't give instructions on how to get WiiScrubber working, just open the ReadMe and follow instructions.
    2. Open the WiiFit Plus ISO.
      You'll see all the partitions on the ISO in the list. We are interested in Partition1: INSTALLER. Expand that partition.
    3. Right-click HealthNandPackUP.wad and select Extract.
      Save the WAD to your SD card in the WAD directory.
    4. Load HealthNandPackUP.wad using WAD Manager.
      Be patient, as it may take a while... this WAD is almost 14MB!

    And that worked for me.

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    Wii Fit or Wii Fit Plus

    When I open the .iso for Wii Fit Plus in Wii Scrubber, I only see one partition. If I open the original Wii Fit, I get all three and can find the HealthNandPackUP.wad file. I already have the Wii Fit Channel installed, but it doesn't seem to have any data from Wii Fit Plus. Is the Wii Fit Plus channel different? If so, is this the right method for finding it? Do I just have a bad .iso? Thanks for your help.

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    try this tut. this is the one used and has worked perfect for over 12 channels. i use loader gx but that isnt an option in the crap spftware however if you pick the bottom 1 in the loader options they all seem to load fine NSMB and wii fit+ inc

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    Was there supposed to be a link there?

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