3 days into this world of Wii hacking. Still learning lots, so bear with me!

System menu 4.2U, running cIOS38r16, Hermes 222/223.

I am launching Wii Fit Plus from USB, and I want to install the Wii Fit Plus Channel into the system menu. I also saw some posts that people made about this making it impossible to get into their system menu (their problems were resolved, but I don't think they were able to keep the channel; I also think they were running on older system menu versions)

When I press the button to install the channel, it exits the game and just returns to the main system menu; no channel is installed.

So first question: Has anyone been able to install the Wii Fit Plus channel successfully, either from USB, a backup disk, or otherwise? Is there any way I can just get a WAD for it and install it manually?