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Thread: Sending Wii to nintendo for SSBB

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    Sending Wii to nintendo for SSBB

    I'm sending my Wii to Nintendo for the SSBB clean/update, and have a chip installed. Problem is that I don't know what type of chip I have, and want to just take it out.

    Will it be as simple as taking the Wii apart and de-soldering the chip? Will anything else have to be done to make sure it is back to original working condition?

    FYI, i've burnt a copy of the latest 1.9s firmware (thinking that i had a Wiikey), but it only gave me errors when trying to run the disk.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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    well why dont you just open the wii and check the chip and troubleshoot from there. If you have to remove the chip anyways to send it in to nintendo. i am not a expert but first de-soilder the chip/wiare then use wax or whatever its call to clean up the board.

    FYI i dont think its SSBB just rent a copy or get it from a friend of it and pop it in your wii to see if it works.

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    its unlikely its ur wii...are u burning it properly with the right layer break number 2084960

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    I'm using DVD+R discs (non DL)

    will try to burn 1.9s with IMAGE BURN and see how that works out

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    thanks for the tip! I was able to burn 1.9s using IMAGE BURN and the Wii updated successfully!

    Am now happily playing with SSBB without any problems

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    good to hear.....u can call anytime agian if you run into problems.


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