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Thread: upgrading SD card...

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    upgrading SD card...

    I am trying to upgrade my 2gb kingston card to a 16gb adata class 6. I thought u could do this with explorer, but it will not let me move the sdcard/config/ folder. This folder contains nothing but jibberish titled folders and will not move with explorer. Is there a way to do this? a linux boot cd perhaps? or maybe something easier?

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    Anyone know what he is talking about?
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    I'll take a stab and say he's trying to migrate his folders from the 2gb card to the 16gb card?

    Did you make sure the write lock on the side of the chip is in the off position?

    And be aware that not all SDHC cards are compatible with the Wii 4.x firmware. Sandisk makes the most reportedly compatible cards right now.
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    Yeah I am trying to migrate cards. The card I have should be compatible and is listed here SD/SDHC Card Compatibility Tests - WiiBrew

    I am able to move everything except for one folder, and that is the config folder. If i open the folder this is what i get. 104 folders of

    I am not sure if that is encryption, corruption or what, but it is the only folder i can not copy. I do have some save data and wii ware i moved to the sd card. could it be that?

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    Weird. Well anyways my config folder is specifically for usb loader gx config files, music folder, language folder, etc. If you have it installed on yours that's probably the app it goes to. I'd say if everything else transfers just re-add usb loader gx to your new card and let it create new config files.

    Now if you don't use usb loader gx then don't follow anything I just said as I don't know what you'd be losing then.

    And no idea why there are so many folders there. Weird again.
    "I think that the Wii is a beautiful piece of hardware, and a broken Wii is a tragedy. It doesn’t matter why or how." -- Bushing

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    yeah i don't use usb loader gx, and removing the saves/wiiware from the sd did nothing. I am just gonna copy everything but that folder and see what happens.


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