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Thread: WiiFlow Installation And Settings

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    WiiFlow Installation And Settings

    Starnight theme for Wiiflow USB Loader by Jiiwah[/center]

    WiiFlow is an open source usb loader which features a full 3d box, front-and-back "coverflow" interface. When Hibernatus, Wiiflow's designer, completed version 1.1 he left the project and released the source code. Over the last year it has been resumed by Narolez, who has since retired, and picked up by r-win and Miigotu (who currently lead this project).


    [a] Special Announcements
    [SPOILER="Click Mii"]Wiiflow G2C
    Here's a little program you can use to convert the WiiTDB genres to categories for Wiiflow:

    Quote Originally Posted by enemywithin
    I wrote a program to convert the WiiTDB genres to categories for Wiiflow. This is accomplished by mapping the genres to the desired categories. I included the mappings.ini file that I use for my collection.

    1. Select the "titlesdump.ini" file (this is selected automatically if the drive is connected and it's in the wiiflow\settings folder)
    2. Click the Update button (the mappings.ini file is loaded and applied)
    3. Fix the genre-to-category mappings (as required)
    4. Click the Output button to save the "categories.ini" file.

    New version for current Wiiflow. It no longer requires the "titlesdump.ini" file, instead it parses the wbfs folder. Only works with FAT32/NTFS drives.

    Wiiflow G2C

    WBFS vs. FAT32

    As development on Wiiflow has progressed support for WBFS drives has waned. If you've found yourself having difficulties running Wiiflow with a WBFS formatted drive (black screens where you had none before, long delays loading into Wiiflow, skips and delays while sorting through your games in the app itself) know that you aren't alone.

    For me these "glitches" were consistent and very, very annoying.

    I've recently reformatted my hd to FAT32 and have seen all loading problems with the latest version of Wiiflow vanish. In fact, it now works as well for me as R25 and seems to load nearly as fast.

    My personal recommendation if you're experiencing these types of odd behavior, and you have a WBFS formatted drive, is to reformat to FAT32 and give it a shot.

    Wiiflow Fanart Creator

    Our good member richardsito has posted information on a couple great little apps which lets you customize your own fanart and video trailers for Wiiflow! These features are limited to current releases of Wiiflow, so if you're still running good ole r25 you'll need to skip out on them or update. But for everyone else, check out:

    Wiiflow Fanart Creator
    Wiiflow THP Video Converter


    I wasn't aware of this website until I saw it in a linkback post to this guide. Check it out: It's a whole site on the latest version of Wiiflow complete with instructions, pictures, and other cool info. And guess what? It's maintained by the guys currently spearheading the Wiiflow project.


    Anyone who is updating from an earlier revision:
    Due to a lot of changes, also in the configuration files, you might experience problems when you upgrade your current version to this new version. In case you experience unexpected behavior, or a code dump, please try to start from fresh.
    Requirements and Downloads
    [SPOILER="To run Wiiflow you will need:"]
    1. Homebrew Channel
    2. At least one of the following: cIOS 222/223/224/249/250 (222 version of Wiiflow recommended)
    3. SD Card with at least 100MB free (or a FAT32 partition on your USB HDD)
    4. FAT32/WBFS/NTFS formatted USB HDD (FAT32 recommended)

    [/SPOILER][SPOILER=Latest Downloads]These can always be found on the Google Source downloads page: Downloads - wiiflow - Project Hosting on Google Code[/SPOILER][SPOILER="Wiiflow 2.1a2 Downloads - Thanks to Krank for the links"]Extract the apps folder directly to the root of your device then follow section A or B below to finish the installation.
    Follow Section C if you want to store the application's data on your Wii console (older version).

    You can also find some forwarders for Wiiflow on Krank and Cile's FAT32 guide.[/SPOILER]
    For a comprehensive list of features/updates see the Changelog at the bottom of this post.
    [SPOILER="Archived Downloads - Includes 5 forwarders and R25-compatible themes"]For this archive section I've brought together forwarder channels from the original package, as well as all 25 original themes (plus 7 more not included in the original download) into one .rar file.

    V1.1 R25 Full Download (66.19MB) (mirror)
    Included Files(Abbreviated):
    -Carbonik Channel Forwarder
    -Spayrosam Channel Forwarder
    -Starnight Channel Forwarder
    -Static Channel Forwarder
    -Narolez Nforwarder
    -32 themes


    **If you experience any issues, check the Troubleshooting Section below and the Readme Files before asking for help**
    [SPOILER="A. Homebrew Channel"]Run Wiiflow_222/223/224/259/250 depending on the IOS you want games to load from by default.

    Remember to install Hermes cIOS (rev 4/5) if you want to run Wiiflow_222-224.

    Default IOS can also be changed anytime in Settings (see section [6]). All application memory is stored on the SD Card or USB HDD using this method.[/SPOILER][SPOILER="B. Forwarder Channel"]Download the R25 Full pack in the archived section above to get the forwarders.

    Choose and install a forwarder through Wad Manager using IOS249 (or any trucha-signed IOS). The
    forwarder channel will look for and load Wiiflow from an SD Card or a FAT partition on your USB HDD. This
    will consume a small amount of memory on the Wii console and install a channel to the system menu.

    Once you have installed the necessary wad file, your folder structure must match the list below.

    Forwarder looks for these exact paths (in this order):
    * SD:\apps\wiiflow\boot.dol
    * SD:\wiiflow\boot.dol
    * USB:\apps\wiiflow\boot.dol
    * USB:\wiiflow\boot.dol

    If the forwarder is constantly rebooting to the system menu, you probably performed this step incorrectly.[/SPOILER][SPOILER="C. System Channel"]Download WiiflowR25 Channel
    (If you download this file, click here and tell Baboo77 thanks by clicking the Thanks button!)

    Select a WAD and extract to ROOT:\wad\, then install with Wad Manager.

    System Channels look similar to Forwarder Channels but contain the application's data within a single WAD file.
    Installing one of these means you won't need to place the application's boot.dol file on your SD card or USB HDD.[/CODE][/SPOILER]


    [SPOILER="Click to Open"]Main Menu:
    Up / Down..................Previous / Next game (1-step)
    Left / Right.................Previous / Next game (hold for multi-step)
    Minus / Plus................Previous / Next page
    B+Minus / B+Plus........Alphabetic search
    A..............................Select game (Open Game Menu)
    B+A..........................Launch game immediately
    Home........................Exit to System Menu
    1 / 2..........................Previous / Next layout

    Game Menu:
    A on box....................Cover flip (Show the backside)
    A out of screen............Launch game
    B..............................Back to Main Menu
    Minus / Plus................Previous / Next game (1-step)
    Left / Right.................Previous / Next game (hold for multi-step)

    Settings Menu:
    Minus / Plus................Previous / Next page

    Coverflow Settings Menu:
    B+Minus / B+Plus........Previous / Next page
    B..............................Faster adjustment (B+A instead of just A to click a button)
    B+1..........................Copy whole coverflow
    B+2..........................Paste coverflow[/SPOILER]


    Wiiflow Main Menu
    [SPOILER="Click to Open"] Credits
    Global Settings
    Return to Wii Main Menu (Must be activated in Global Settings)[/SPOILER]

    Global Settings
    [SPOILER="Click to Open"]Page 1
    -Download Covers & Titles:
    -All (This will download covers for every game on the hard disk, replacing any that already exist)
    -Missing (This will download covers for any game that doesn't already have one, or for those that only have 2d covers)
    Game Titles
    -All (Same as above)
    -Missing (Same as above)
    -Parental Controls: Allows you to set a 4 digit parental code.
    -3D Boxes: This will display 2d game covers when turned Off.
    -Rumble: Turns the Wiimote rumble feature on or off when browsing Wiiflow.

    Page 2
    -Theme: Highlight + or - and press A to select a theme. Press Back or B to load.
    -Language: Highlight + or - and press A to select a language.
    -Adjust Coverflow: This will let you adjust the parameters of each coverflow layout of the selected theme.
    -Install Game: Insert a game disc and press GO to dump a game to your usb hdd.

    Page 3
    -Exit To Wii Menu: Places a Home icon on the Wiiflow Main Menu.
    -Save Favorite Mode State: If Favorite Mode is selected on the Main Menu when you exit, turning this on will allow Wiiflow to boot up in Favorite Mode.
    -Default Search Mode: Pressing -/+ on the Main Menu will scroll through games alphabetically or 11 games at a time.

    Page 4
    -Music Volume (0-255): Sets background music volume.
    -GUI Sound Volume (0-255): Sets user interface volume.
    -Coverflow Sound Volume (0-255): Sets coverflow selection volume.
    -Game Sound Volume (0-255): Sets banner music volume.

    Page 5
    -Default Video Mode: Sets the global video mode games will use to load from. Set this to "Default" ("Progressive" for HDTV+component cable users).
    -Default Game Language: Will boot the game in the selected language if supported.
    -Error 002 Fix: Enacts global 002 fix for all games when turned on.
    -Ocarina: Turns on hacks for all games. Must have a valid .gct file at SD:\codes\.
    *For example, NSMB (PAL) code path - SD:\codes\SMNP01.gct
    Page 6
    -Adjust TV Width: Expands or contracts horizontal picture length.
    -Adjust TV Height: Expands or contracts vertical picutre length.
    -Horizontal Offset: Shifts left/right position of the screen.
    -Vertical Offset: Shifts down/up position of the screen.[/SPOILER]


    Selecting a Game
    [SPOILER="Click to Open"] Loads the game (Duh)
    Returns to Main Menu
    Mark as favorite
    Disables and removes game from the Main Menu if parental code is active
    Individual Game Settings
    Careful! Deletes a game from the list AND from your hard drive[/SPOILER]

    Game Settings
    [SPOILER="Click to Open"]These settings affect only the game which has been selected.

    Page 1
    - Video Mode: Same as Global Video Mode, but used only for an individual game.
    - Language: Same as Global Game Language, but used only for an individual game.
    - Ocarina: Same as Global Ocarina, but used only for an individual game.
    - Dol: Defaults to Main.dol. Can only be adjusted if an alternate dol is placed in the sd root.

    Page 2
    - Patch Country Strings: Used to support Jap. titles for NTSC-U/PAL consoles.
    - Error 002 Fix: Same as Global Error 002 Fix, but used only for an individual game.
    - ViPatch: Patches the signal after the game has been rendered from the selection made in Video Mode. If the other video modes don't work, try this.
    - IOS: Choose which IOS to load game from. Default depends on which boot.dol you used to load Wiiflow.

    Page 3
    - Download Cover: Downloads an individual game cover, replacing any already on file.
    - Block IOS Reload: Enables games that don't usually work due to IOS Reloads. Works ONLY if you boot your loader in 222 and the game in 222/223.
    - Patch Video Mode: Normal or More or All.
    • "Normal" means it will only patch video modes that have the same resolution as the one you've selected.
    • "More" means it will patch every video mode as long as its mode (interlaced or progressive) is the same.
    • "All" means it replaces any mode it finds.


    Manually Downloading and Installing Game Covers
    [SPOILER="Click to Open"]Game covers can be downloaded online from any site that supplies them. General sizes are 1024x680
    or 512x340. The higher the res. the better the image. They need to be in .PNG format and named with
    the appropriate 6-digit id code to match the game they go to. For example, New Super Mario Bros. Wii
    PAL edition game code is SMNP01. Thus the cover needs to be named - SMNP01.png

    Full Covers
    • USB:\wiiflow\boxcovers
    • SD:\wiiflow\boxcovers

    2d Covers
    • USB:\wiiflow\covers
    • SD:\wiiflow\covers

    Exception: If you connect a harddisk with a FAT- and a WBFS-Partition, WiiFlow
    will save its files to the FAT-Partition. To avoid this, you should open the
    file SD:\wiiflow\wiiflow.ini and add the entry "data_on_usb=no" in the category
    [GENERAL]. WiiFlow will ignore FAT-Partitions then. If wiiflow.ini isn't there,
    copy the one that has been created on the HDD.

    Autobooting from Priiloader
    [SPOILER="Click to Open"]With NForwarderWiiflow.dol in the root directory of your SD Card, power on your console while holding the
    reset button to load into Priiloader. Select Load/Install File. Afterwards, navigate to Settings and make the
    following changes: "autoboot=Installed File" , "return to=autoboot"

    After rebooting, this will automatically load Wiiflow when you power on the console and reboot to Wiiflow when you exit a
    game. To get your system menu back after exiting a game, change "return to=system menu".[/SPOILER]

    Adding Custom Music to Wiiflow
    [SPOILER="Click to Open"]If you want to have some music in WiiFlow, you can save one or more .ogg/.mp3 audio files inside of SD:\wiiflow\music or USB:\wiiflow\music.
    WiiFlow will randomly play one of these files each time you start it. If the file is played to the end of it, it will
    start over again. If you want WiiFlow to play another file, you need to do a restart by holding the B-button and pressing Home. [/SPOILER]

    [SPOILER="Click to Open"]Q. Something strange is happening / Worked before but doesn't now / Black Screen When Loading Wiiflow / Anything Else...
    A. Under certain circumstances the config file can get corrupted. Delete wiiflow.ini from ROOT:\wiiflow\ then reboot and reload the program. This
    will generate a new config file and hopefully clear up any issues.

    Try The Above First Before Asking For Help!!

    Q. I'm getting a black screen when I load a certain game(s), how do fix it?
    A. You probably have an out-of-date IOS revision. Go here.

    Q. The game loads the wrist-strap white screen, but freezes afterwards. What's wrong?
    A. It might be a bad dump. Try downloading a different release.

    Q. I'm trying to add music files to Wiiflow, but every time I load it either doesn't play or I get a code dump.
    A. Larger music files consume more memory from the application. Try using music files < 3MB in size. And again, make sure they're in .OGG format.

    Q. I can't download covers online!
    A. Wiiflow defaults to for its cover-downloading. Check that the site isn't experiencing slowdowns. You can always add them manually.

    Q. The forwarders aren't working, but I know I set the path right just like it says at the top of the page.
    A. You might have an outdated IOS35. Use NUS Downloader to download the latest IOS35, then install with Wad Manager.

    Q. I tried deleting a game in WBFS Manager and now none of my games work.
    A. Add your games back to the drive and try deleting your game from Wiiflow next time. Also check out ncWBFSTool which is, imho, a superior manager.
    • For more on this see bigjat69's post here.



    [*] Useful Links
    [SPOILER="Here are some important articles to read through, starting with the ones most relevant to this guide"]

    ***Check the Readme files included with the download for other info not in this guide!***

    [**] Changelog
    | Wiiflow Changelog |

    New releases can be found at: Wiiflow Google Source

    To install any of these over your current revision, replace the boot.dol file in \apps\wiiflow\.

    Stupid typos screwing up my release zzzz.

    I got sick of it, the setting of paths seemed unfriendly on a fresh install, and
    the settings seemed illogical.
    It will now boot up no matter what and always create a wiiflow.ini if there isnt
    one. No problems booting from all SD, there is nothing to edit. It also boots
    faster this way.

    *wiiflow will now detect your boot.dol and look in the same folder for
    wiiflow.ini, if it is not found there it will not look anywhere else, it will be
    created there. its that simple.

    *language.ini and titles.ini will be read also from the same folder as wiiflow.
    It will not look anywhere else.

    *Data directories will be created on the same drive your boot.dol is located in
    drive:/wiiflow, to have boot.dol on one drive (say SD) and data folders on
    another (USB) set data_on_usb=yes.

    THE ONLY TIME you need to modify something is if you want data and dol on
    seperate drives.

    To make your setup work with this just put your ini's in apps/wiiflow and your
    data dirs in drive:/wiiflow
    and set the paths in wiiflow.ini. I know this seems stupid to change this but we
    need static paths and it was creating a massacre on the updater.

    ugh, error in release script, updated versions to reflect.

    *Fixed downloader bug sometimes DL wrong version.
    *Wiiflow now exits after successful update to boot new version.
    *Add release and beta macros to makefile, and independant bash scripts for them.
    *Edit default.ini to increase performance.
    *Update versions.txt

    *Ability to delete cheat txt files by holding 1+2 in cheat menu
    *Add page 5 to game settings
    *Add option to set Debugger type in game settings
    *New lang string "gecko"
    *Removed some game settings from ini if they are default
    *Change System Button to say Update

    *Wiiflow 2.1 release.
    *Updater fully functional and has hosting.
    *Fix reported bugs since 2.0.
    *Ability to sort games by 4 different settings, Press B+Down
    *Ability to switch partition by Pressing B+Up in main screen.
    *More fixes and small additions.

    *Release 2.1

    *Clean up and fix returning to wii menu when priiloader is set to autoboot wiiflow and return to autoboot.
    *Set Paths for updater to new server.
    *Prepare for 2.1

    *Possibly speed up cover loading: m_cf.start was called 2x
    *Move setSorting in menu.cpp to sort before the findId so that last showed game works on boot/settings exit.

    *Edited wiki page through web user interface.

    *Missed last change for versions.txt..stupid turtle!

    *Finished updater
    *Add Changelog info to updater, usage commented in versions.txt
    *Add 1 lang string sys7 which is displayed in changelog section when installed version is selected.
    *Add punctuation to some strings in menu_download.cpp

    *Version selection working by extracting version numbers and number of versions
    from versions.txt
    *Add example versions.txt to trunk
    *Better hosting?
    *needs to show changes info on system menu from versions.txt
    *Updater needs to update meta.xml

    *Revert txt cheats code to fix the bug (sorry, but its been 12 days, the bugs
    you were trying to fix were fixed in the previous version, pls add xml to this
    version if you want), made so opts are removed from game's id section if no
    cheats are selected rather than toggle them.
    *Enable left/right with repeat for switching pages in all menus, also in game
    select screen made repeat work. (may need disabled in that view if spamming
    banners causes issues)

    *Better code for show_covaer_after_animation

    *Fix show_cover_after_animation...tested.

    *doh, i mustve been half asleep when i changed that in r67

    *-ifstream is a bad class to accidentally typo as ofstream when checking if boot.dol exists LOL

    *Expand dol_backup from [26] to [33]

    *Working ios selection to mod DL url
    *versions button ready to select versions

    -Parse txt file and place available version numbers into CMenu::_version[9]
    (temporarily filled with SVN_REV)
    -Parse and show info for each rev when selection changes.

    *Mod system menu for Jiiwah and Benjay.
    *Fix crazy coding in system menu.
    *Add blank versions.txt to trunk
    *Changed txt url to point to the trunk/versions.txt

    * Fixed bug with alpha blending in fanart
    * Fixed sorting in coverflow ( issue 198 )
    * Don't let wiiflow hang when a gecko is attached, but the PC is not reading the serial port.

    *missed hiding some buttons when switching to downloader for update.

    *Added flip buttons to system menu (incomplete)
    *cleaned up menu.hpp
    *fixed some bugs i missed in menu_download
    *screamed at pc

    *Change default build type to 249
    *Make downloader back up boot.dol before writing a new one, and replace it if new file failed to write
    *Delete versions.txt after system menu is closed.
    *Fix "boot.dol not found at default path" error
    *Hide Download bar and status on system menu after a few seconds to make room for update selection and information.

    *Change to check apps/wiiflow before /apps
    *Change fanart to use 3ltr id's also (r-win)
    *Move APP_NAME to menu.hpp from menu_about.cpp
    *Seperated versions.txt downloading from updated dol downloader and rewrote most of it.
    *Auto DL txt on entering system menu.
    *move update URL to menu_system so it can be modded by gui buttons later.
    *remove m_systemLblIOSbase and combined it with m_systemLblIOS
    *remove m_systemLblVersionRev and combined with m_systemLblVersion
    *moved labels up in menu_system
    *show download bar and status when DLing versions.txt, needs hidden by timer soon.

    TODO: fix svnrev version comparison, parse versions.txt, add buttons to select
    version and ios, display info for selected version from versions.txt in
    menu_system... more.

    *Fanart can now draw before or behind the cover:
    - Add show_on_top=yes to the [artwork] section
    - Also, hiding the cover until the animation is done can be done by adding
    show_cover_after_animation=yes to the [general] section

    *Add ability to set max viewed categories by "numcategories=" in [ GENERAL]
    section if wiiflow.ini
    *Move fanart below cover. TODO: show cover after fanart is finished
    animation(request #194)
    *Update titles.ini with latest titles from

    *fix typo in language replacement tag from "aphabetically" to "alphabetically"

    *Added lastplayed to game launching (only was available for channels before)

    *Created wiki page through web user interface.

    *Deleting wiki page InstructionsCompilingWiiflow.

    *Add repeat to up and down keys in coverflow
    *Add Status messages when switching partion or sorting method by hot-key combination
    -new label MAIN/NOTICE
    -new lang strings:
    *renamed m_letter to m_showtimer

    *Change Buttons to:
    -B+UP is change partition(not B+1 anymore), instead of page search (B+RIGHT does
    -B+Down cycles through sorting options (PlayCount, GameID, Last Played,

    *Change Makefile to use new portlibs
    *Fix missed gameid sorting portion in coverflow.cpp
    *added sort= line to wiiflow.ini to start on last sort mode.

    Add a txt that shows for a second or two showing the current sorting option
    (Like the aplhabet shows when switching letters)

    *Edited wiki page through web user interface.

    * Added different methods of sorting (Alpha, playcount, lastplayed and gameid)
    (no configuration added yet)
    * Added getUInt and setUInt to config

    issue 195 , request to switch partitions by hotkey combination
    press B+1 to switch partitions in coverflow.

    Better cover downloading region/language selection code.

    *GCT class changed and support for cheats in xml file (commented it out for now)
    *Cheatmenu changed (if no cheat is selected gct files is removed and Ocarina is

    *fix for "freeze" in Install dialog (waits 10 seconds for a disc to be insert)

    * reverted back to rev46 config.cpp since it leads to an empty main menu

    *Temporary Fix for downloading covers for ID's that have non-standard regions.
    Slightly modified from the patch Narolez submitted on gba, at the request of
    lustar (thx to both)

    *Edited wiki page through web user interface.

    *fix for issue 184 , auto create music dir on boot if it doesnt exist.

    *Fix missed changes when I removed urls, added new option:
    setting category_on_start=yes in wiiflow.ini will show category slection screen
    on wiiflow boot.

    *Changed cover urls slightly, no need for {id4}00.png in channels, and wiitdb
    forwards requests of those for forwarder isos automatically.

    * Changed config so that default values don't get added to the file (cleaner)
    * Remove directory when deleting a file, in order to prevent that the game is
    still showing up as installed.

    * Tagged version 2.0

    * Smaller font used in the about menu (Miigotu)
    * Reverted ehc frag module to original one, fixed loading with 57 base (r-win)
    * Fixed some button and title animations (Miigotu)
    * Added channel list (not with ios 57 base) (r-win)
    * Added loading from FAT/NTFS (r-win)
    * Added new gecko engine (r-win)
    * Added Fanart (ask bubba for fanarts) (r-win)
    * Fixed loading game with another ios (r-win)
    * New language.ini file (Jiiwah: French, PizzaPino: German, divi90: Italian, Pakatus: Portuguese, Etheboss: Dutch)

    * Merged fat_ntfs branch into trunk

    * Coverbug fixed
    * Added useless video feature
    * Added patch for Prince of Persia (you will still need to add disable_dvd_patch=yes and returnto=0 in the wiiflow.ini, under the [GAMEID] section)
    * Fixed WIP patches
    * Install will now install ALL PARTITIONS
    * Added Giantpune's return to channel patch (add returnto=<CHANID> to wiiflow.ini under [ GENERAL])
    * Added initial fanart support . Only background files supported for now, put them in your fanart/background folder. Wiiflow puts
    /background after the dir_fanart variable in wiiflow.ini. Don't add /background there!
    * Added 4 letter game id's to the download url's
    * Disable installing on NTFS drives
    * Fixed installing games to WBFS drives
    * Changed usbstorage and fs files to use the ones from CFG Loader USB
    * Fixed minor issues with ios reloading and NTFS/WBFS partitions
    * Enabled cIOS 249 debug output through gecko
    * Small change in Italian language

    * Added and changed Makefile
    - You can compile different version by typing make (will make for cios 222),
    make ios222, make ios223, make ios224, make ios249, make ios250
    * Fixed bug with loading from NTFS
    * Added loading from FAT32/NTFS using cIOS 249 rev 18+ (thanks to oggzee again!)
    * Updated language.ini, but I've forgotten which languages are changed. Jiiwah should be able to answer that

    * Fixed laggy buggy thingy
    * Added script to change about screen automagically
    * Updated Portuguese language (thanks to Pakatus)

    * Initial Hermes cios 222/223/224 rev5 support (depends on the compiled binary!)
    * Added support for MP3 music ( issue 85 )
    * Added ini parameters for ocarina with the different hooktypes (sorry, no interface yet!)
    - hooktype=0 (No Hook), 1 (VBI), 2 (KPAD read), 3 (Joypad Hook), 4 (GXDraw Hook), 5 (GXFlush Hook),
    6 (OSSleepThread Hook), 7 (AXNextFrame Hook)
    - debugger=on|off
    Note: these parameters MUST be defined in the correct [GAMEID] section. An interface is to be added.
    * Added saving playcount to the ini now. We don't use it yet, but we might be
    * Added function for sorting by playcount. Again, we don't use it yet, but we might be
    * Removed Fat_Mount call before loading cios, since some drives don't like this
    * Added changed to italian language by Cambo
    * Fixed annoying (small) bug in configuration window 7, where you had to click multiple times to change the partition

    Again, this is a BETA release. Some of my testers reported success with rev5. On
    my Wii, it just keeps freezing. Anyway, rev4 is still working fine.

    * Added support for new ocarina (Brawl+)
    * Fixed small issue with invalid amount of partitions
    * Added support for WIP patches
    * Added support for BCA codes
    * Fixed cheat downloading
    * Changed cheat window (now only shows 4 items on a page)
    * Moved default location of cheat files
    * Location of cheat files, wip patches, bca codes and text codes is configurable in wiiflow.ini

    Note: this version will look for your cheat codes (gct files and txt files) in
    another location. You will need to manually move these to the correct locations.
    These locations should be in the directory that also contains the subdirectories
    for boxcovers, cache, themes, etc. and are called codes (for gct, bca and wip
    files) and txtcodes (for txt files).

    * Fixed crash from priiloader
    * Fixed Peppa Pig

    * Fixed NFS WBFS_Open -1 error
    * Fixed bannersounds
    * Fixed some minor theme stuff (CHEAT/BG and CHEAT/USERx labels)
    * Removed stupid debug thing which always set data_on_usb to on
    * Fixed bug in readonly functions of WBFS partitions

    * Committed FAT/NTFS stuff into a branch, because full HQ covers are borked.

    * Removed fat_ntfs branch, due to incomplete commit.

    * Committed FAT/NTFS stuff into a branch, because full HQ covers are borked.

    * Edited wiki page through web user interface.

    * added Black Cover (issue119)

    * Nunchuk support (issue66)
    * Shows install screen if Disc is inserted (issue48)

    * [No log message]

    * some fixes and additional checks for cheatmenu

    * Possible fix for "sleeping" drives
    * fixed bug in cheat menu (if received cheat file was to small it showed Cheat not found)
    * searches config, themes and so on in drive:/wiiflow, if not found in drive:/apps/wiiflow
    * added Translations for CheatMenu looks in language.ini like this:
    - cheat1=Back
    - cheat2=Apply
    - cheat3=Cheat file for game not found.
    - cheat4=Download not found.
    - cheat5=Select

    * added Cheatmenu (VIP)
    * changed directories everything is now in sd:/apps/wiiflow/
    Such as...
    and so on...

    (Note: Old directory locations are restored in R28)

    * Update compiling instructions

    Wiiflow v1.1 R25
    * All WiiFlow 1.1 features
    * Handling for IOS arguments passed by a forwarder (ios=249, ios=222-mload, ios=223-mload)
    * Ocarina online/offline cheating
    * Compatible with latest Homebrew Channel version 1.0.6
    * Video forcing and patching like Neogamma
    * to be continued ...

    Wiiflow 1.1
    - Fast and easy to use
    - Stable (according to testers)
    - Doesn't flicker on old TV
    - Compatibility close (if not equal) to Configurable USB Loader (best compatibility)
    - Properly supports the 3 latest versions of IOS 222
    - Comes in two flavors : running under IOS 249 or IOS 222
    - Parental control
    - Themes
    - Installed on HDD if you have a FAT partition
    - Sounds and music
    - Cover downloading, HQ (1024x680) and localized
    - Ability to display more than 100 covers on screen (HQ covers)
    - Multilanguage support
    - And other little things ...[/SPOILER]


    Some parts of this guide were borrowed from the Wiiflow Readme and from the original Wiiflow FAQ page.
    All credit goes to the authors, without whom applications like these wouldn't exist.

    Wiiflow Google Source Page
    Wiiflow v1.1 Homepage
    Project Owner/Manager: Lustar (zorglub07), r-win, miigotu, Narolez (retired)
    Developer/Comitter: Narolez*, Wiimm, Hibernatus*, thedarkness1981
    Themes: spayrosam, Benjay, chappy23, roku93, Blue-K, Delta123, Bluescreen81, LAJD
    Channels: Benjay, Cosmos, Jiiwah & Oops, Spayrosam, Narolez
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    "I think that the Wii is a beautiful piece of hardware, and a broken Wii is a tragedy. It doesn’t matter why or how." -- Bushing

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    Thumbs up

    Magnificent. I just installed and adjusted my WiiFlow reading from allover the web. And when I finished, I found that brilliant FAQ. Beyond any words. Thanks a billion. Can't add a letter. Thanks again

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    don't hate me for this silly question: can i have USB loader GX and wiflow on the same Wii?

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    Dude, this is absolutely beautiful-looking. No offense to the makers of USB Loader GX, but I'm going for asthetics, now that my Wii is running quite smoothly. Thanks!
    Wii (Fall 2007) DMS chipset.

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    Nice Write-up

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    If I have wiiflow on my hdd where do I put the music folder? I tried to just add a music folder in tne wiiflow folder on my hdd but when I loaded wiiflow it froze...any ideas??

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    Quote Originally Posted by capuderg View Post
    don't hate me for this silly question: can i have USB loader GX and wiflow on the same Wii?
    Yes you can. You can have as many loaders as you'd like on the console at the same time.
    "I think that the Wii is a beautiful piece of hardware, and a broken Wii is a tragedy. It doesn’t matter why or how." -- Bushing

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    Quote Originally Posted by mischden View Post
    If I have wiiflow on my hdd where do I put the music folder? I tried to just add a music folder in tne wiiflow folder on my hdd but when I loaded wiiflow it froze...any ideas??
    You want to have it at usb:\wiiflow\music. Remember that Wiiflow will only recognize .ogg music files as well, so if you have an mp3 you'll want to convert it.
    "I think that the Wii is a beautiful piece of hardware, and a broken Wii is a tragedy. It doesn’t matter why or how." -- Bushing

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    Progressive video setting?

    Do I need to set Progressive in each games settings, or is is sufficient to just set it in the global settings? I'm a bit confused. If I do just set it in the global settings, what should each game be set to? Default? I'm still a bit new to all this, but loving every moment!


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    Games not seen, no settings buttons - FIX

    All of a sudden I couldnt see any games or settings buttons or titles...although channel loaded (via forwader from USB) and background music played....arrgh!!

    Well it seems that clicking the star button to make a favorite causes a corrupt wiiflow.ini

    Have tried with no parental control, setting fav on in settings but using any combination hitting that star button meant no covers, no titles no buttons, nothing. Also tried on 3 different themes (after fixing) with same result each time

    You have NOT - repeat NOT lost or corrupted your games so don't go formatting your drive!

    Fix - Simply hook up the USB/SD to your PC, go into wherever your wiiflow folder (not the one inside apps folder) containing .ini files is and delete wiiflow.ini

    The next time you start wiiflow channel this will be recreated as if it was a fresh install.

    Re-installing forwader channel via wad manager did not fix this..just get rid of the wiiflow.ini

    Hope that helps someone else.

    EDIT - Wife did it again! - Here's some carbonic theme DO NOT CLICK buttons and also game hangs cover for any that you have not fixed as yet.

    - EPIC FAILURE:CAN'T SEE TEXT (looked ok in fireworks)

    - EPIC FAILURE:CAN'T SEE TEXT (looked ok in fireworks)

    - EPIC FAILURE:CAN'T SEE TEXT (looked ok in fireworks)

    - EPIC FAILURE:CAN'T SEE TEXT (looked ok in fireworks)

    Downloading source code - see if can be removed from menu...

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