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Thread: Wii Ware hacking

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    Wii Ware hacking

    How do you do it? I saw a video of someone playing a copied Wii Ware game on their wii and I want to see how this is done.

    Please help, thanks.

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    download a wad then get wad installer and put the wad file you downloaded in the root of your sd card: root/wad/*your wad file here, then run wad installer. and whala! (your wii does have to be twilight hacked)
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    Yeah, the process shouldn't involve more than simply downloading the WAD, putting it in (root):\wad\, and running the WAD installer.

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    Alright, now I'm going to do the Twilight Hack and get the WADs (whatever they stand for) but do I have to save the WADs after I install the games I get?

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    the wad's are the wii ware games. so just use the twilight hack to get the homebrew channel then put wad installer on your sd card then put the wad's on your sd card then run wad installer from the homebrew channel if you do it this way you wont have to keep on doing the twilight hack to add more games
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    -Download twilight hack and the homebrew channel: The Homebrew Channel
    -copy the Homebrew channel to the root of your SD card(rename it to boot.elf if it's not already)
    -copy the twilight hack to sd card(should be "/private/...")
    -place Zelda Twilight Princess Wii and SD card into w your Wii
    -start Zelda Game and load the Twilight hack save file, then talk to the guy in front of you(screen goes black and white text appears, do what it says)
    -Now you have the Homebrew Channel and you won't need to uses the Twilight Hack again

    -download the wad manager: wadmanager.rar
    -copy, the folders, "apps" and "wad" to your sd card.
    -place any of the .wad files into the "wad folder" (you can rename the wads, but keep them short)
    - insert SD card in your Wii and launch the Homebrew channel
    -run Wad Manager through the homebrew channel
    -will show a list of wads in the "wad" folder, press + to install a selected wad
    -the wad will install and then show up as a new channel

    NOTE: keep the wads and don't rename them after install, to fully uninstall you will need to use wad uninstaller and have the wads on the SD card, as the same name as before

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    I went to that WiiBrew website and it said the homebrew channel could spark trouble when the Wii gets updated.

    From your guys' hopefully professional opinion, should I use the homebrew channel? Currently I just keep using the twilight hack to keep safe.

    THanks much btw.

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    That is for you to decide. Homebrew channel makes it easier but the Twilight Hack gets the job done. Read the user agreement and see if you feel confortable using the Homebrew Channel. Basically all I found was that they could disable your wii for unregistered devices. DEVICES...sounds like mod chips...hardware. I didn't really read it fully; I just scanned through it.

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    Thanks for the info.

    Here is you tube video of SSB64 -> [ame=]YouTube - Wii Super Smash Brothers 64 Channel v3 Virtual Console WAD[/ame]

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    so if you have mod chip to you recommend NOT getting the homebrew channel?

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