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Thread: Problem loading roms from SD cards

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    Problem loading roms from SD cards

    First off, hello to all as this is my first post on this forum. I used the search function first before posting but was unable to find an answer to my problem.

    I am having issues with FCEUGX and SNES9XGX reading roms off of SD cards. I have tried a variety of SD cards of different makes and sizes and the problems occur with all of them. The Homebrew Channel will read the apps off the card and launch them, however, after the emulator launches I get an error saying it could not find sd:/fceugx/roms or sd:/snes9xgx/roms. When I go to browse the card manually from the emulator it will show me the root directory but will not let me go into any folders. Or if it lets me go into any folders I usually get garbled text for the filenames. FCEUGX and SNES9XGX will also not write to the SD card. I am able to load roms from USB and DVD using these emulators, however.

    The odd thing is if I launch Genesis Plus it will load roms off the SD card and USB without a problem. But Genesis Plus will not read from DVD.

    I am running 4.2u on my Wii and Home Brew Channel 1.0.6 w/ the latest version of the above emulators from WiiBrew. I am also currently using a 2GB SanDisk SD card that was licensed officially for the Wii by Nintendo.

    Are these issues related to the emulators themselves or is there some other issue causing them not to read from the SD card? I'm assuming since Genesis Plus reads the SD cards fine it is not the SD card, Wii or Homebrew Channel. It is also odd that only Genesis Plus won't read from the DVD drive while the other emulators do read from it. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    Edit: Sorry for the double posts...

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    I had the same problem.

    I put the boot files in the fceugx folder in the apps folder. Then I made another folder titled fceugx, and in the folder made a ROMS and SAVES folders and put my roms obviously in the ROMS folder. This second fceugx folder I put directly on the root of my SD card and that fixed it.

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    can you please till me how you burnt your rom to dvd because I am having problems creating a dvd with rom. What structure are your files and what did you use to burn.


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