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Thread: what chips can I use in old wii?

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    Us what chips can I use in old wii?

    I have an older wii that I put a wii key in and it has been working great untill about a week ago. I tried to update the chip to the new 1.9s and it always gives me an error about the drive after it runs the checks. Now games that did play will not. Some still do but the newer games will not now I get the 001 error. Like the new areosmith guitar hero if I put in the regular DVD it plays just fine. If I put in my back up of the game I get 001 illigal device ( witch I have come to understand is the back up DVD and not the wii key chip)

    So from doing some reading here I Think that I may have a clone wii key even thought they said it was orginal ( go figure some one lie about stuff like that, lol) I have seen post about the clones not takeing the update. Is there a way to tell what the firmware version on the wii key is and can I use one of the new chips or should I just buy a new wii key from a more reputable dealler?

    Sorry for such a long post just tried to set a baseline of where I am at and what is gonig on to get a more acrurate reply.


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    We're official distributors for the wiikey :: Official Site of the WiiKey Modchip and ours come with 1.9s on them already, so no updating will be required for you. or you can get one of the older ones we still sell them on the site, and update it to 1.9s yourself and save a couple bucks Its guarenteed authentic and it will update if its soldered in correctly.
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    hell its not real hard to install a wii key not like its 20 plus wires! I got my wii key from a distributer in canada. Thanks for the sales pitch but it really did not answer any of my questions.


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