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Thread: Wii flow not working (stuck on please wait screen)

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    Us Wii flow not working (stuck on please wait screen)

    Hi I am a newbie and I recently sofmodded my 4.2 wii using the Softmod any 4.2 wii tutorial today , and downloaded , ectracted wii flow usb loader on to my sd card. I downloaded the channel from wad manager. I currently do not have any games on the usb hd. 200gb of the drive are formatted to wbfs. When I load up wiiflow it just says "please wait..." and doesn't change. please help!!!
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    WiiFlow tends to look for the app on the USB hard drive. I can't remember how but you need to change it so it looks for the app on the SD card :S If that makes sense, sorry if it doesn't, can't think of how to explain properly :S
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    So I should just put wiiflow on my usb hard drive? Thats what it sounds like.
    I will try that , and hopefully it works.

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    1.2 Installation of WiiFlow on SD-Card
    Just copy the content of the archive to the Root of your SD-Card. You should
    get the following Path:
    WiiFlow will save all settings and files into the directory SD:\wiiflow\.
    Exception: If you connect a harddisk with a FAT- and a WBFS-Partition, WiiFlow
    will save its files to the FAT-Partition. To avoid this, you should open the
    file SD:\wiiflow\wiiflow.ini and add the entry "data_on_usb=no" in the category
    [GENERAL]. WiiFlow will ignore FAT-Partitions then. If wiiflow.ini isn't there,
    copy the one that has been created on the HDD.
    This is in the readme that was included with WiiFlow, you must have over looked it.

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    Hey thanks I think I will try that , and if it works I will thank you

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    What I did is made 2 partitions. One WBFS for all games, and another FAT32 for all iso, covers, etc. Now I don't use any SD card. Just hard drive. One thing to mention. I have Hitachi 250gB hard drive and at the beginning I didn't know how to divide them, so I made it 200 and 50. In this case there was no choice to make FAT32 partition. Windows didn't give me this choice. So I made 246 and 4. Now, with 246 is used for WBFS and 4 could be partitioned as FAT32. Maybe it will help you. Good luck.

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