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    Red face Heeeeeeeelp

    I am on D7 of the 4.2 hack, how do i get to the priiloader menu and select hacks? and how do i change autoboot to System menu?

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    if Preloader is installed ok, Then just hold the reset button when you turn on your wii

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    i managed that when i goto hacks it tells me there is no files for v4XX

    Edit version 482
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    you have to make sure the hacks file is in the root of your SD card, and that you have the right hacks file per your region

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    all done What hacks are recomended?

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    the only problem i now have is everytime i turn my wii on it goes to the priiloader menu, is there anyway i can get it to goto the main wii menu?

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    you need to change your settings to system menu and autoboot for the return in the priiloader menu.

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    will give it ago brb

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    nope still priiloader menu v2.0 (r30) IOS70 v 482

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    autoboot was broken in this revision. There is an updated version of v0.2 r45 in this thread.

    or the choice of downgrading to v0.1 which has full support for autoboot.


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