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Thread: Question About Wii Channels

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    Question About Wii Channels

    I was wondering if its ok to add the wii channel .wad's, I see there are 6 or 7 interesting ones to download online, But having a softmod'ed wii, Is that safe? With the weather channel and the basic pre installed ones it says wiiconnect24 needs to be turned on, Which we were told to leave off because of the updates and what have you, So is it safe to install these ones? "Everyone votes" "Check Mii out" etc etc.

    Also, One more quick question, How do you go about deleting channels, Like neogamma 7 and 8 (I use usb loader gx only now) and some wiiware downloaded games, is there any issue uninstalling them, and where do you do that?


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    Leave Wiiconnect24 off, I know the new and weather chanel like this to be on but it will update to 4.2 and you don't want that now do you?

    Delete channels using Any Title Deleter or by going through Wii Options, Data Management, Channels, select the channel you want to delete and then erase.
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    My system is 4.2 !?

    So those other channels are ok to install?

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    I uninstalled some wad games which were channels, But cant seem to find where to delete the weather channel, and news channel... also, Where the games used to be its just a blank spot, any way to move the others to fill the empty boxes now?

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    Those are labelled under System Channels in ATD, but aren't accessible through the Wii's Channel settings which may be why you aren't finding them.

    Hold B and press A to move your channels around.
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