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    Wii Shop updates

    Do Wii Shop Updates break the HBC? I am on firmware 4.2 and know that I should never upgrade past 4.2 or it will break my HBC, but will wii shop updates break it as well? I went to the shop to purchase Majora's Mask since my backup of Zelda Collector's edition will not play properly, but was asked to perform an update. I assume I should not update, but if anyone knows for sure, I would appreciate the answer. Thanks!

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    If you do run an official update there is a good chance you'll be IOS249 stubbed again and bootmii/boot2 if you have it will be cleared. Not the end of the world but a pain nevertheless. You could always download the shop channel and install as wad to cirumvent the update. NUSD has the latest Shop channel available as a download at version 18.
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    Just so I got this right, I can download Majora's Mask through this and create a wad out of it, and then install the wad to my Wii, correct? Will it show as a channel like VC titles purchased off the shop?

    Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it!

    Nevermind, just read up on the program online.... I think I have my answers now, thanks for your help though!
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    Worked perfectly, was able to get on and download Majora's Mask without breaking my homebrew. You are a Guru due, thanks a lot!

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    A you know how to get Legend of Zelda collector's working on the backup launcher cuz it will load but i'll select the game and the just get a black screen

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    I had the same problem with my backup of Zelda Collectors Edition. Finally gave up and just bought Majoras mask off the shopping channel. I think it may not like the emulation the disk runs or something.


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