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Thread: a noob in need of help

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    a noob in need of help

    ok i have a wii version 4.1 and soft modded i have 17 games on my external hd but when u use a usb loader only 2 games work and the ones that dont turn black and say error eject disk but how if im running games through usb.

    here are the game
    alone in the dark
    cod modern warfare
    cooing mama
    cooking mama world kitchen
    dead space
    dbz tenkaichi 3
    dbz king piccolo
    ea sport activity
    evil under the sun
    mario and sonic
    mario and sonic winter
    metal slug
    mario party 8
    mario kart wii
    a boy and his blob

    2 games working only

    dead space and ea sport active

    can someone plz help me on getting the other games to work i have tryed mainly every usb loader so i beg u someone help me

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    Have you tried Wiiflow?
    It has several settings that can be changed to suit each program.

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    How did you get the games?? I need some games for my usb hard drive.

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    Torrent site's like, Isohunt, Torrentz etc....

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    If you are using an hdd i would suggest that you either use neogamma or coverfloader to try and load the games as i have not had any issues with loading games from these two programs.....hope it helps.


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