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Thread: Triiforce - FFIV: After Years DLC problems

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    Question Triiforce - FFIV: After Years DLC problems

    I have Triiforce all set and ready to go. I'm on system menu 4.0U. I'm using a NAND dump culled from SimpleFS Dumper and following Dogeggs's tutorial. I tried the method from Sinyk's tutorial, but it didn't work as well. I've been using Wad2nand to get downloaded wads on my dump, and they've all been working fine. My problem is Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.

    I had already purchased the game and some DLC through the Shop Channel, back before I discovered the wonderful world of Wii hacks. I want to remove my legit DLC wad and replace it with one where all stories are unlocked. I'm lost on how to do this. I also want to keep my saves, if possible. I don't know if the 'content purchased' is somehow tied in with the saves or not. If I can't keep them, I'll do without.

    Methods I've used:
    1- Wad2nand with downloaded FFIV wads(main game and dlc), finding the matching files on my SimpleFS dump, deleting and replacing them. Result - Still only DLC I've bought.

    2- Extract FFIV saves via SaveGameExtractor, view them, delete corresponding files on my NAND dump, in addition to wad replacing listed above. Result - Triiforce doesn't even register FFIV as a game.

    3- Loaded up ShowMiiWads, but it doesn't recognize my SimpleFS dump (bootmii dump works fine, but not with Triiforce.)

    4- Downloaded NAND dump listed in Dogeggs's tutorial, installed the wads, but Triiforce freezes when loading.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. You guys are awesome.

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    I'm experiencing the same sort of issue. I have several WADs that don't work through Triiforce and wanted to remove them. I have tried using wad manager 1.5, I think in theory this should work, but it hasn't for me.

    Anyway AdrenalGnash, did you manage to find the answer, or could you please help pointing me in the right direction.

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    If the wads are on the nand you are using triiforce with, then remove them using ShowMiiWads.

    It can also be used to add games to the nand and apparently has better compatibility results than wad2nand.
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    Hi Sinyk,

    Thanks for the reply.

    Perhaps you could give me a little more advise, will removing the wad from the nand using ShowMiiWads remove all related files ?

    Also after stupidly trying to remove one of the not working wads with wad manager this no longer shows up in the nand, but I know that at least some of the related files are still present as I have checked using a hex editor and the title id is the same.

    Do you know of any way of checking that all the related files have been removed ?

    Thanks again.

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