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Thread: Updated my softmodded Wii with the Nintendo update...can I fix it?

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    Updated my softmodded Wii with the Nintendo update...can I fix it?

    Hey all,

    I had my Wii modded last year using the "SoftMii" method and was able to play discs via the disc channel. Recently someone using the Wii connected it to the internet and accidentally updated it when the system update prompt came up from Nintendo, I believe it was 4121 or something like that.

    Can I fix this so that it can be soft modded again to launch backups? All originals all still work fine, but none of the backups do.

    Has this "update" pretty much reversed the mod and made the console a virgin again? If so does that mean I can use one of the newer methods to re-mod the console?

    Any help is greatly appreciated. The Wii actually belongs to my little cousins and I had it modded for them last year. Someone was over their house and did this update and as such they are somewhat disappointed as they have two Wii consoles and only 1 can play backups now.

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    4.2 softmod guide linked in my sig.





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