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Thread: Just bought my Wii yesterday

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    Us Just bought my Wii yesterday

    Hello, I am the newest of newbies here... I just bought my Wii yesterday and I'm guessing that I can download torrents of games online at thepiratebay or lots of other places and somehow play them on my Wii. What I'm looking for is a step-by-step guide with language I can understand. I have an SD card that I can connect to my computer. My Wii has wireless internet. Now what do I do? Please help me, as I keep reading about all these strange words and have no idea what they mean or how it all works. It seems like everyone talks as though I should already know what all these things mean. Thank you!

    p.s. - I have read up on some stuff but don't understand it. I keep reading things about 4.2something and CIOSsomething and homebrew and Bootmii and I just don't understand any of it. I'm in America, if that has anything to do with PAL or NTSC somethings...

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    the fact that you didnt find the tutorials link before posting isnt the greatest start.....

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