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Thread: Burning and Playing wad games

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    Burning and Playing wad games

    I download small games as wad files or other formats. These are small (20-50) mb.
    What do I burn them to ? disk or card? What program do I use to burn them with and then how do I play them in my soft modded wii?

    Can I then save them on the attached hard drive? I am fine with full size iso's but these small games have me perplexed.


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    .wads are wii installation files. They are not burnt onto disc. They are installed onto the wii as a title (Channels) using an app called WAD Manager.

    If you softmodded your wii using one of the tutorials here, you would have wad manager in your SD Card already. Just place .wad you want to install into the folder called wad on your sd card.

    Then load Homebrew Channel and Run WAD Manager. Use Default Settings (IOS249 and SD Slot). Navigate into the wad folder, highlight the wad and press A. Set action to install. Allow it to install and press home on the wiimote after the installation has been complete

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